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Yahyalı Ticaret Odası T.C.Sanayi ve Ticaret Bakanlığı’nın 30.07.1971 tarih ve 4(610.2/121) sayılı onayları ile kurulmuştur. Kuruluşta o dönemin tacirlerinden Esat Keskinkılıç, Ahmet Koyuncu, Ahmet Özsoy, İbrahim Sarıoğlu, Abdullah Güldoğan, Mehmet Tütüncü’nün önderliğinde kuruluş masrafları üyeler tarafından karşılanmak üzere 102 tacirin imzalı taahhütnamesi ile 5 meslek komitesi kurularak 12.09.1971 tarihinde organ seçimleri yapılarak hukuken tüzel kişiliğini kazanmıştır. Kuruluşunda Yahyalı Belediyesinin binasında hizmet vermekte idi. 1999 yılında Seydili Mah.Belediye İş Hanına, 2013 yılında ise Cumhuriyet Meydanındaki kendi yaptırdığı hizmet binasına taşınmıştır. Burada hizmetini sürdürmektedir.


Chamber of Commerce Yahyalı was established by the approval of TR Ministry of Industry and Commerce with the date of 30/07/1971 and 4(610.2/121) registration number. During the establishment, it has won the legal entity with the signed undertaking of 120 merchants which the establihment costs is to be met by members, establishing 5 occupational groups and general election held on 12th of September,1971 leading by merchants of that time: Esat Keskinkılıç, Ahmet Koyuncu, Ahmet Özsoy, İbrahim Sarıoğlu, Abdullah Güldoğan, Mehmet Tütüncü. At its founding, it was serving in the building of Yahyalı Municipality. The Chamber firstly moved to municipal office block in Seydili Mahallesi in 1999, then it has moved to the building of his own work which is in Camiikebir Mahallesi, Hacihidiroglu Street, No:4, Floor:1-2 in 2013. The new building is intended to appeal to the next 50 years of Yahyali, it planned to serve its members more decent and in a lovely setting in this area. Currently, there are 7 occupational groups with 5 members each. It has 14 Councillors and 5 board members. The total number of members is 351. This Chamber serves with 2 stuffs.

Yahyali which is in the south of the city is the second largest borough after central boroughs of Kayseri. Yahyali is neighbour with Develi and Yesilhisar on the north, Adana on the south and east, Nigde on the west. Its population is 36.600. Its height is 1210 meters above sea level. There dominates continental climate. The sources of income of Yahyali constitutes mining, transport (carrying trade), agriculture (the apple), tourism and energy. The world-famous Yahyali carpet is facing extinction because of its cost and lack of international competitiveness with others. Yahyali has one of the nation’s most iron mine reserves. 30 domestic and foreign companies working in the mining area. In the field of load transport based on Mining Yahyali has major transport capacity with 650 trucks. The apple production has recently done professionally and switching to drip irrigation system, has passed the half and full dwarf apple production, the annual harvest of 100,000 tons. Located in the Aladağlar National Park Kapuzbaşı Team waterfalls, South Falls, Elif Falls, Derebağ Falls, Seven Lakes, Hagar forests, Zamantı River and canyon are tourist areas which are worth to visit. Hydroelectric power station on the river Zamantı, wind power stations and solar system recently on the agenda with its charm, Yahyalı is the candidate to become a renewable energy base.

Address: Camiikebir Mahallesi, Hacihidiroglu Street, No:4, Floor: 1-2 Yahyali/ Kayseri/ Turkey
Phone: +90 352 6113013
PBX: +90 352 6118968
Twitter: yahyalito38